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Peter Accolla is
One of the Top
Mortgage Originators
in America

We are proud to announce
that Peter has been named
one of the top mortgage
originators in America.
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Do's & Don'ts During the Mortgage Process

These Do’s and Don’ts should be followed before and during the mortgage process. Once you have closed on your loan, you can return to normal!

DO continue making your mortgage or rent payments

DO stay current on all your existing credit cards and other accounts

DO keep working at your current employer

DO keep the same insurance company

DO continue using credit as usual

DO call us if you have questions or want to change your finances in any way

DON’T make any major purchases (car, furniture, refrigerator, jewelry, etc.)

DON’T apply for new credit (even if you’re “pre-approved”)

DON’T open a new credit card

DON’T transfer credit card balances

DON’T pay charge offs (unless we recommend it)

DON’T pay off any collections (unless we recommend it)

DON’T close any credit card accounts

DON’T increase your credit card debt

DON’T change bank accounts

DON’T consolidate debt or credit cards

DON’T take out a new loan

DON’T pay off loans or credit cards unless we recommend it

It’s probably becoming clear that the best rule is “Don’t Change Anything!” unless you talk to us first. When in doubt, run it by us an we’ll help you determine the best way to achieve your goals.